Advertising – Standard Plan


We want businesses of any size to afford to advertise and boost their brand. That is why we have created our Standard Plan which is designed to help you advertise affordably while getting the benefits of our marketing team who promotes your listing across our social network and across the internet. With our transparent pricing you simply pay for how many referrals has been made to your website or App.

Simply pay for the admin fee and we will ask you questions about your business to set up your listing. Each listing is individually approved and manually created to ensure that our customers have maximum information about your business.

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Standard Plan Advertising is designed for businesses of all sizes. You simply pay for the admin fee and our team will be in contact to ask you more details about your business. 

What Is Included?

  • Standard MoneySmrt Shop Page
  • Pay Only £1.30 Per Click
  • Page promoted on social media


How Does Pay Per Click Work?

We create a link that goes directly to your website (you can choose where on the website you want the link). 

Every time someone clicks on your link on your Shop listing page you pay us £1.30 (invoiced to you at the end of the month).

This way you only pay for those who actually visits your website or mobile app. 

Who Can Have A Listing?

 MoneySmrt is about helping consumers and businesses to save more – so by offering products that is either very affordable (compared to competitors) or assists consumers to save more, you can advertise on the MoneySmrt Shop.

You can list in any industry or niche except for:

  • pornographic or illicit content material
  • Illegal or unethical businesses
  • High interest lenders


Can You List Individual Products As Separate Pages?

Only our Premium Plan allows you to list individual products on the MoneySmrt website which will then be promoted separately.

However, you can list your individual products on your main listing page.

Pay Per Click Pricing = £1.30 per click

Annual Fees = £0.00



Billing and Budgets

Once you have paid the initial administration fee you only then pay for only clicks on the links to your website.

We will then aggregate all the clicks you received in each calendar month and send you an invoice payable within 14 days of the date on the invoice.


You can set up a budget in which we will remove your link after your budget has been used up (with 10% margin of additional clicks). 

Refunds Policy

Once a click has taken place you cannot request for a refund as you are billed after the matter. If you believe that you did not receive the amount of traffic reported to you in the invoice then you must provide us with evidence and an explanation as why you believe it is wrong.

Note that this is a Pay Per Click service, conversions or sells are not guaranteed and therefore you will not receive a refund for lack of performance. (We will have some guides to help increase conversions shortly).