We aim to help consumers and businesses to bank smart with our banking services. Follow this page to find out more.

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We are developing a truly customised banking experience where we combine your spending, your social activities, preferences and wider data to give you discounts, suggestions and even advice and help when you need it. 

For Consumers

We are building a platform where you can buy smart using secure debit cards and making transfers, as well as budgeting smart with account jam jarring features. We want you to get the best out your account and that is why we have partnered with leading and local brands to give you discounts, exclusive offers, tips, advice and much more by you banking smart.

For Businesses

Easily manage your expenses while also getting exclusive offers to build you business and gain full access to our advertising and marketing platform to help you maximise your profits. 

Banking Smart

Your bank account should not just be somewhere you receive your salary or use to make withdrawals it should be a place where you maximise your financial potential. Whether that is by increasing how much you save, getting help with your finances and shopping when you need it, or even getting exclusive opportunities to increase your finances your MoneySmrt account will be here to help.

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