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Be smart and save money while shopping with leading brands. Browse our listing of leading brands, local stores and local entertainment for the latest discounts and deals.

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Banking smart allows you to maximise your savings and budget well. We are developing a banking platform to help consumers and business to bank smart.

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Get tips, information and tools on how to be smart while shopping and budgeting for consumers or businesses. We are adding a powerful addition shortly that you will be able to get smart help.

Banking designed to enhance consumers and businesses financial capability and wellbeing

We believe that when you have an account for banking that you should be always maximising your financial potential. Your account should be a place for you to securely deposit, budget well, and receive opportunities that will help you maximise your savings.

This is why we are building MoneySmrt – a place for you to get everything you need to have extra money, greater opportunities and even get help when you need.

We are using cutting-edge technology and are partnering with the best to give you simply the best tool to increase your financial capability and wellbeing. 

It is our goal to help millions to save more, shop smartly and budget more so you can have more money to live more free, healthy and happy.

Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology

MoneySmrt is powered by advanced artificial intelligence, leading performance software and a partnered with simply the best, to give you an unbeatable banking experience.

We are developing powerful tools so you will not even need to visit our website or application to get tips, ask queries, gain information or even find the best deals.

We have invested heavily into really giving you everything you need to succeed in getting extra income, extra savings, and the right help when you need to help you maximise your financial potential.



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We have teamed up with leading brands as well as local businesses to give both consumers and businesses discounts, tips, exclusive deals and general awareness of their products.

This will help you save while shopping while also taking important considerations while shopping. 

Now that is MoneySmrt!

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