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MoneySmrt General Terms and Conditions of Use

 By using the MoneySmrt website and the content, tools, applications, software, technology and other features contained on the MoneySmrt website and mobile applicatons, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use.

These terms of use are general terms and conditions of using and accessing the MoneySmrt website (www.moneysmrt.com) as well as all mobile applications.

These terms and conditions cover the general terms of the website including ecommerce, intellectual property, usage, third party data, cookies, search tools, and other tools used on MoneySmrt.com. 

MoneySmrt reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions of the MoneySmrt website at any time, any such change will take effect when uploaded to this page. Therefore, it is your obligation to check for updates and changes to these terms. For future references you should print this page. The date of these terms and conditions are found at the bottom of this page. 


“Terms” means these Terms and Conditions of use and obligations. 


“MoneySmrt”, “Money Smrt” and “Money Smart” means the business and website (i.e. www.moneysmrt.com)


“content” means all data information files that are owned by MoneySmrt. 


“user” is used to include any persons, business or individual who uses www.moneysmrt.com  


“use” and “using” means using, viewing, listening or interacting with any content on the MoneySmrt website at any time.


“third party” means any other websites or business or individuals or any other person who are not MoneySmrt. 


“businesses” means any business or corporation users. 


“individuals” means non-business users. 


“rights” means any rights that MoneySmrt own or are entitled to. 


“advertiser” means someone whether a business or individual are advertises on the MoneySmrt website or is part of the MoneySmrt Adertisers Network and advertises on Publishers’ websites and applications.


“publisher” means someone whether a business or individual who promotes MoneySmrt or Advertisers’ businesses, products or services on their website, blog, social media accounts or mobile applications.


For how cookies or personal information are collected and used please see the MoneySmrt Privacy Policy.  


1 Using MoneySmrt 

By using the MoneySmrt website and any application you agree:


  • To comply with all the terms and conditions of MoneySmrt.
  • To access view use or listen to any content that are not within any restricted area of the website or downloaded without prior authorisation from MoneySmrt.                                       .
  • You may not infringe or attempt to infringe any applicable laws when using MoneySmrt to access, view, interact, or listen to any MoneySmrt content.
  • You may not infringe or attempt to infringe the privacy of any other MoneySmrt users including (though not limited to) storing personal information or usage details.
  • You may not use or manipulate any MoneySmrt content in any way to bring MoneySmrt or MoneySmrt partners into disrepute or cause any liability to MoneySmrt.
  • You agree to only use MoneySmrt and access, download, view, interact, and/or listen to any content, information, or data on MoneySmrt as it is intended by MoneySmrt to be used and shall not use it in any other way without MoneySmrt’s permission. 


  • You agree to not charge directly or indirectly others for accessing, listening to, viewing, interacting and/or using any MoneySmrt content; or attempting to re-sell MoneySmrt content in any way; this includes advertising or selling any content which MoneySmrt offers, including any Third Parties’ content, data, information or otherwise.

          Clause 1.7 is not applicable with the expressed consent of MoneySmrt.


  • You agree not to disrupt or try to disrupt the MoneySmrt website.
  • You may not use the MoneySmrt website to distribute any malicious or harmful programmes or software viruses, or to harass, or to carry out any other harmful or objectionable activities, or any activities that restrict or prevent others from accessing MoneySmrt content.
  • You may not cause offence to any other user of MoneySmrt, including but not limited to race, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.


  • You may not make on any remarks or comments on any forums, comment areas, social networks, or any other areas of the MoneySmt website or social network accounts or mobile applications, which may harm the reputation of any other business or to “troll” or bully any others including those who do not use the MoneySmrt website and related services.


  • You may not use any of the MoneySmrt website to promote, market, or advertise any products or services without the prior written consent of MoneySmrt.


  1. Ownership of Rights


  • MoneySmrt own all the copyright, design rights, trademarks, patents, and any other intellectual property rights in or on the MoneySmrt content. All rights are reserved by MoneySmrt. Nothing in these terms grants a license or any other such rights for you to use any of the intellectual property rights that MoneySmrt and/or Third Parties owns.                    .
  • Any licenses assignments or any other grant of rights shall only be given by expressed consent from MoneySmrt.

  1. Nature of the Content on the MoneySmrt website                              .

    • By using the MoneySmrt website you are agreeing and accepting that all information contained in the content of MoneySmrt are for educational purposes only and therefore the use, distribution and interpretation of any information on this site is at the sole risk of the user.


  • Advertisers content on the MoneySmrt are owned and created by third party Advertisers and are promotional in nature. MoneySmrt may earn income and commission from Advertisers for displaying and your interaction with Advertisers’ content on MoneySmrt.


  • MoneySmrt excludes any liability arising or at the result of any information gained or accessed on the MoneySmrt website that has been created by MoneySmrt or third parties or Advertsers.


  • You acknowledge and understand that the content on the MoneySmrt website, social networks and mobile applications may be out of date or contain errors, in which MoneySmrt will not have any liability for any use of the content displayed where they are out of date or contains errors.


  1. Contributions to MoneySmrt


  • Any contributions that you make to the MoneySmrt website shall not be made in any way that is harmful to other persons whether individuals or businesses or corporations.


  • You own any copyright by providing content to MoneySmrt, and therefore are responsible for any liability that arises due to your contributions to the content of MoneySmrt.


  • You agree that any contributions made by you may be altered changed or adapted by MoneySmrt for any purpose that MoneySmrt wishes to use it for. MoneySmrt may use any contributions for its own purpose.

  • You agree that any information that you contribute are not to promote, market, or sell any product service or business or individual in any way, unless expressed consent is given by MoneySmrt.   


  • You agree that any contributions whether articles, videos, audios or otherwise can be promoted by MoneySmrt on any website or applications or advertising platforms.


  1. Purchasing Products or Service by Third Parties


  • MoneySmrt shall not be liable for any economic loss, loss of reputation, loss of   business, loss of profit, loss of expected earning, loss of expected profits, any such loss incurred by any user or purchaser of any Third Party’s products, or services, or information   provided on or referred from the MoneySmrt website.


  • MoneySmrt shall not be liable for any information, products or services that are on Third Party websites whether displayed on the MoneySmrt website or not. .


  • The user understands and agrees that MoneySmrt are not making any representations or guarantees to the accuracy of any information provided by or about a Third Party’s business, website, product or service. . 

  1. E-Commerce Terms and Conditions
    • Purchasing– Any purchases made on the MoneySmrt website means that you are    agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions stated on this page, unless there is an expressed alternative terms and conditions created by MoneySmrt for that individual item for sale.


  • MoneySmrt will not be liable for any purchases made on Third Party website. 


  • Order Process– Any orders made on MoneySmrt are subjected to the terms and conditions listed on this page unless there is an expressed alternative terms and conditions created by MoneySmrt for that individual item for sale. 


  • The completion of the contract between you and MoneySmrt and the acceptance of your offer takes place on the dispatch of your order.


  • Clause 6.3.1 has the exception of downloadable product where acceptance of your offer   and completion of the contract will take place once the user commences the download of the product.


  • Clause 6.3.1 has the exception of services where the acceptance of your offer and completion of the contract between you and MoneySmrt will take place once the service has commenced.


  • Confirmation of your order will be shown on the confirmation page or sent by email depending on whether the order was for a product, service or downloadable content, in    which specific details will be shown on completion of the order.


  • Delivery– MoneySmrt delivers products to countries around the World subject to the availability of the Third Party delivery service used.
  • Charges and time scales varies depending upon the countries that the products will be delivered to and the delivery service that has been chosen.


  • MoneySmrt reserves the right to choose the delivery service for the delivery of any products purchased.


  • The risk of loss and damage of products passes to you on the date when the products are delivered or on the date of the first attempted delivery of the products by MoneySmrt.


  • Payment– MoneySmrt accepts payment via PayPal, BACs payments, Faster payment, CHAPs payments, and cheque.


  • All payments are subject to the availability of stock. If the goods are no longer in stock and you have already paid for the goods, then a full refund will be given.


  • The price you pay for the products or services from MoneySmrt are displayed on the MoneySmrt website at the time your orders are made, subject to the following exceptions:


  • By expressed agreement from MoneySmrt


  • Where an error has been made in the pricing. In this circumstance MoneySmrt will contact you detailing whether you would like to pay the correct price or cancel  your order where you will receive a full refund.


  • Title of any physical product that you purchase on the MoneySmrt website will be passed to you on delivery, providing all payments have been made in full.


  • Title does not pass to you on downloadable products subject to the individual license provided with the downloaded content.
  • All prices on the MoneySmrt website, where the product or service is not from a Third Party, are displayed in British Pound Stirling and VAT will be included unless otherwise shown separately.


  • Refunds Returns and Cancellations– All purchases are subject to the Distant Selling   Regulations 2000 and any supporting legislation, therefore, you will have 7 days to cancel any products (unless it is an electronical product where you have downloaded or installed  the product, in which there will be no refunds) that have been purchased, unless otherwise expressly agreed or guarantees offered by MoneySmrt. Any cancellations and returns will result in a full refund.


  • All costs and risk of any Goods to be returned to MoneySmrt are to be met by the buyer. All Goods must be returned in its original packaging and must remain undamaged for a refund to be given.


  • MoneySmrt reserves the right to refuse a refund being given on cancellation of a service provided by MoneySmrt after the service has been commenced. Cancellation    of any services that have already commenced which has been provided by MoneySmrt may result in a penalty charge to the buyer of the service.


  • Limitation and Exclusion of Liability– None of the terms and condition made on the MoneySmrt website excludes or limits liability from death caused directly by any MoneySmrt products or services, as applicable by the Law.


  • MoneySmrt excludes any liability arising of from economic loss, loss of goodwill or reputation; any indirect loss; any loss suffered from the negligence of Third Parties or the consumer themselves.


  • Although MoneySmrt tries to take all precautions to protect any information you provide to us, MoneySmrt shall not be liable for any information that has been subject to unauthorised access to the information.


  • Cookies .
    • MoneySmrt may use cookies to provide the best service therefore you agree that by  using    the MoneySmrt website you are giving implied consent for MoneySmrt to use cookies on your computer.  


  • If you do not agree to the use of cookies, disable the cookies in the setting of your internet browser.


  • All information obtained from cookies by MoneySmrt are stored and used subject to MoneySmrt Privacy Policy.


  1. Search Tools, Job Listings and Job Advertisements                              .
    • MoneySmrt does not take any liability for any fault, error, or issues arising from the Search Tools, Job Listings and Job Advertisements.


  • MoneySmrt is not liable for any information that is displayed on Third Party websites or any Third Party feeds of information on the MoneySmrt website.


  • MoneySmrt is not liable for any misinterpretation, act or omission that users carry outs resulting from a job, or link or business profile or any other information obtained and returned by a search using search tools on the MoneySmrt website. It is up to users to investigate the nature and acceptability of the search results


  • The user must consult the Third Party’s search engine tools terms and conditions and therefore agrees to be bound by their respective terms.


  • Miscellaneous
    • No rights or obligations of these terms and conditions can be assigned licensed or novated by the user the MoneySmrt website.


  • MoneySmrt reserves the right to assign novate or license these terms and conditions to Third Parties.


  • No delay or failure to enforce any rights of MoneySmrt has under these terms and   conditions will act as a waiver to any of the terms and conditions to prevent MoneySmrt from any remedies available.


  • If any clause in these terms and conditions are found to be unenforceable or invalid by an appropriate legal authority operating under the legal jurisdiction of England, the remaining clauses of the terms and conditions shall not be affected and still be enforceable.


  • No third parties may claim any rights or enforce any terms of these terms and conditions. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 is excluded from these terms and conditions.


  • By using MoneySmrt you are agreeing that MoneySmrt may receive payment of commissions from features of this website including but not limited to, banner advertisements, box advertisements, pop-up advertisements,  sign-ups and referrals of any kind.


  • Governing Law


  • These terms and conditions and the MoneySmrt website is governed by the laws of England and Wales.


  • By using the MoneySmrt website, products or services or any other features of MoneySmrt and the MoneySmrt website you are submitting to the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales.


  • Entire Agreement 

All documents and agreements that are mentioned in this terms and conditions supersede any prior agreements representations and/or understandings made between MoneySmrt and you. All documents referred to in these terms and conditions are to be taken as forming the entire agreement and understanding between MoneySmrt and you.


  • Data Protection


MoneySmrt is obliged to follow the existing Data Protection laws of England for any information we retain from you. Therefore we shall not share you information with any third parties except for the necessity to execute an operation of a service, or product or application or feature of this website; as required under law of England or in the event acquisition of assets relating to MoneySmrt or change of ownership.


  • Termination Modification and Alterations


MoneySmrt may terminate, modify and alter any feature on the MoneySmrt website at any time without prior notice.


MoneySmrt may terminate modify and alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.