About MoneySmrt

Banking Done Smart

MoneySmrt has been re-branded and improved as Cato. 

At Cato we view banking differently. Your account should not only be a secure place to save your income. Your account should not only be a place where you make withdrawals or allows you to make purchases. We believe your bank account should provide you with the ability to maximise your financial potential.

This is why we are building an alternative banking platform to do just that, where the concentration is maximising your financial capability and general financial wellbeing. Cato will provide you with an ecosystem that not only allows you to save and shop securely, but helps you budget and using powerful AI to give you targeted discounts and tips to help increase how much you save.

Imagine having an account that you have a team of individuals and AI powered technology all working to help your money stretch further? Imagine having an account where it is easy to budget and pay bills every month to ensure you do not fall behind? Imagine having an account that tells you discounts and deals that are customised to you so you can save on your everyday shopping? And imagine that when times may get tough or you need a little help, your banking account gives you tips and suggestions to help resolve your issues? 

Well very shortly you will have this opportunity to open an account that does exactly that – an almost private banking experience that you do not need millions to access.


Team Behind MoneySmrt

We have over 15 years experience in e-commerce, social finance and banking allowing us to get the best deal and position to offer the best.

We are some of the most connected professionals with a passion for social finance, budgeting and empowering people and businesses to make financially smart decisions.

Simon Phillips – Chief Executive Officer

  • Simon is the founder and CEO of Cato. He has a background as a Business Strategy Consultant working for credit unions on expansion, compliance and product development. Simon has Consulted on transactions valued at £1 billion in sales of high cost assets, he has also been involved with  numerous start-ups. Member of Bloomberg’s Breakaway Group of CEOs and former member of Building Society Association PR Forum.

 Money Global Limited 

MoneySmrt is a trading name of Money Global Limited, 11349708.

Money Global Limited provides products and services designed to increase the financial capability and wellbeing of consumers world wide. 

We do this through sourcing the best deals, investing in cutting-edge technology and developing banking services designed to assist consumers to meet their financial needs.