Bank Smart with MoneySmrt


We believe that your banking account should provide you with maximum opportunities to save and increase your financial potential. This is why we are building a banking platform that helps you to save more.

Our platform will be designed to have you budgeting by design – this means that by simply using our services you will increase your savings! 




MoneySmrt is designed to help you maximise you savings and financial wellbeing. We are teaming up with leading brands to help you shop smart (by offering discounts and tips), budget smart (by giving you budgeting tools) and smartly get help (by offering you suggestions and assistance when you need it).

By maximising your savings you will be less likely to rely on debt, have more to spoil yourself and less stress when times get a little tough. 



We are investing heavily in cutting-edge technology to make it easy and accessible while giving you opportunities to further your financing.

Soon you will not only be able to visit our Smart Hub, but our Smart Assistant will be able to help you throughout your journey with MoneySmrt.


We have done a lot of research, forged strategic partnerships and looked at what is great out there to give you a platform that is unrivalled. But we want to do much much more. 


We want to work with you to build a truly people’s bank where our products and services are exactly what you want. That is why we are reaching out to you to send us your suggestions and we will work on implementing them to help you even more.